Social Media

[social icon=”email” url=””] [social icon=”aim”] [social icon=”apple” url=””] [social icon=”behance”] [social icon=”blogger”] [social icon=”delicious”] [social icon=”deviantart”] [social icon=”digg”] [social icon=”dribbble”] [social icon=”ember”] [social icon=”facebook”] [social icon=”flickr”] [social icon=”forrst”] [social icon=”google”] [social icon=”googleplus”] [social icon=”gowalla”] [social icon=”grooveshark”] [social icon=”html5″] [social icon=”instagram”] [social icon=”lastfm”] [social icon=”linkedin”] [social icon=”metacafe”] [social icon=”mixx”] [social icon=”netvibes”] [social icon=”paypal”] [social icon=”picasa”] [social icon=”pinterest”] [social icon=”plurk”] [social icon=”reddit”] [social icon=”rss”] [social icon=”skype”] [social icon=”stumbleupon”] [social icon=”technorati”] [social icon=”tumblr”] [social icon=”twitter”] [social icon=”vimeo”] [social icon=”wordpress”] [social icon=”xing”] [social icon=”yahoo”] [social icon=”yelp”] [social icon=”youtube”] [clear] [hr]

Get The Code

[social icon="email" url=""]
[social icon="aim"]
[social icon="apple" url=""]
[social icon="behance"]
[social icon="blogger"]
[social icon="delicious"]
[social icon="deviantart"]
[social icon="digg"]
[social icon="dribbble"]
[social icon="ember"]
[social icon="facebook"]
[social icon="flickr"]
[social icon="forrst"]
[social icon="google"]
[social icon="googleplus"]
[social icon="gowalla"]
[social icon="grooveshark"]
[social icon="html5"]
[social icon="lastfm"]
[social icon="linkedin"]
[social icon="metacafe"]
[social icon="mixx"]
[social icon="netvibes"]
[social icon="paypal"]
[social icon="picasa"]
[social icon="pinterest"]
[social icon="plurk"]
[social icon="reddit"]
[social icon="rss"]
[social icon="skype"]
[social icon="stumbleupon"]
[social icon="technorati"]
[social icon="tumblr"]
[social icon="twitter"]
[social icon="vimeo"]
[social icon="wordpress"]
[social icon="yahoo"]
[social icon="yelp"]
[social icon="youtube"]

I would suggest to use the [clear] Element after the Social Icons as they are floated left.